As “unqualified; mere; sheer;” also “clear

The shows run a half hour, including commercials. On the PBS broadcast, these are replaced by segments that include “The Liberty News Network” (a newscast delivered by Cronkite summarizing the events of the episode, with each including his signature sign off “that’s the way it is”), “Mystery Guest” (a guessing game where the kids guess a historical figure, who often is a character in the episode), “Now and Then” (a segment comparing life in the Revolutionary Era and today), and “Continental Cartoons” (a rebus word guessing game). And four fictional associates of his in their experiences during the American Revolution.

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However it can be befuddling to the new understudy

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This reaches epic levels of insanity when you learn that Roman

The allure of extra cash, produced whenever fans must update their team based wardrobes, might persuade some of the stodgier teams to redesign in the future. Because fans tend not to buy pants, the sales factor might not push either the 49ers or Raiders in the unfortunate direction of same color pants and jerseys. To be fair, the NFL teams that do use this color scheme don’t really look like ninjas, merely overgrown kids in ninja pajamas..

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Meanwhile, the Nintendo DS RPG The World Ends With You, whose developers are firm believers of the “fool me twice, shame on me” school of game design, pulls basically the same trick. One of the game’s special enemies is a sleeping pig who runs away the moment you attack it. If for some reason you’re really dedicated to murdering this innocent animal, you need to close your DS to put it in sleep mode.

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